Engage COVID 19 Update - 26 November
Engage COVID 19 Update - 26 November

Engage COVID 19 Update - 26 November


Support for Individuals

‘Carers’ Wellbeing’ campaign toolkit - The Scottish Government is launching its new Carers’ Wellbeing campaign to encourage carers across Scotland to seek the emotional and practical support that will help them look after themselves.


Support for Organisations

SCVO Digital Update 


Funder of the Week

Comic Relief

This week we have highlighted Comic Relief. Today and tomorrow we will look at one of the questions on their application form and add in how best to go about answering that question. Please remember that the form can only be accessed online.
Your Organisation: % of your organisation locally led and managed?
Please tell us what % of your organisation is locally led and managed by the communities you work with. In order to provide us with this this figure, we would ask you to:

  1. Calculate the total number of paid staff (full and part time) in the organisation and trustees/board members (this includes chairs, vice chairs, treasurers, committee members…etc. which are usually unpaid positions).
  2.  Of your paid staff, how many would be defined as ‘senior’ – this may be reflected in their title, organisational responsibilities or strategic oversight. Please add this number to the number of trustees/board members you have – which would typically be ‘senior’.
  3.  Of the total number in (ii), how many of these individuals are from the communities you work with? Once you have this information, the figure can be calculated as follows:
  4. The number calculated in (ii) ÷ The number calculated in (iii) X 100 This will give you the % of your organisation that is locally led and managed by the communities you work with. You only need to enter the number in this box, not the % symbol. We understand that community representation at senior management level is only a partial indicator of organisations being locally led and managed. If you are invited to assessment, we will ask you how you determined this figure and discuss community-led involvement and participation in decision making in further detail.



Online Events

OSCR phishing training 

Keeping your charity safe online is a free practical and informative session about learning how to spot a phishing attack. It will help charities understand what actions you can take to make sure you don’t take the bait and get caught in the cyber-criminal's net. 
Phishing attacks can hit organisations of any size and type, and can result in theft of information, data, or money, along with installation of malware/ ransomware and sabotage of your systems. 
Hosted by OSCR staff, with Alison Stone from SCVO and Kirstie Steele from the Scottish Business Resilience Centre.  

Book your place now for 10th December 


St Vincent's Hospice - Chief Executive

St Vincent's Hospice - Registered Nurses

St Vincent's Hospice - Healthcare Assistants

Mental Health Foundation - Sessional Youth Engagement  Co-facilitator 

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