Engage COVID 19 Update - 22 October
Engage COVID 19 Update - 22 October

Engage COVID 19 Update - 22 October


Talk Money Week

November 9-13 is Talk Money Week 2020 and to celebrate, Renfrewshire Affordable Credit Alliance (RACA) are hosting an online info session on 11 November at 10am aimed at all groups/practitioners supporting clients who would benefit from making improved choices about credit. Our speakers include HMRC, Right Way Credit Union and UWS. For more info and to register click here


Support for Individuals

Refer a friend for FREE technology support from AbilityNet - Do you know someone who could benefit from technology support from an AbilityNet volunteer? Maybe you've used our services and know the difference they can make?

Important role of COVID assessment centres highlighted as Winter begins


Support for Organisations

Scottish Government - Digital Strategy Consultation – No one left behind



Isla Foundation - Grants are available for voluntary and community organisations, schools and PTAs, clubs and societies, and entrepreneurial individuals for small-scale, short-term projects that create a positive change in people’s lives and in their communities


Online Events

Clyde Mission
Clyde Mission seeks to make the Clyde the engine room of inclusive economic growth in Scotland.  This event, which will take place on Tuesday 3 November at 10am,  is delivered in partnership between the Clyde Mission team and the Third Sector Interfaces in the Clyde Mission area.  More information and to registration 


Befriending Week 2020 

Befriending Week 2020 is coming up and we are looking to showcase our members who are offering befriending services at this time.
We invite all members to review the current list here: Engage Renfrewshire Member Search

Note: this list is made up of organisation that stated ‘Befriending/Mentoring’ as a main activity at time of registration, so if you have introduced befriending since registering you won’t be on the list!

Not on it and think you should be? Get in touch with info@engagerenfrewshire.com before 30 October.

On it but no longer offering befriending services? Get in touch as well!

Not sure you offer befriending services? Have a look here to learn about Befriending

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