Engage COVID 19 Update - 19 November
Engage COVID 19 Update - 19 November

Engage COVID 19 Update - 19 November


Social Enterprise Week 

Today's SEs are Remode and Get Active Coaching

Read all about their SE journeys by clicking on the pictures below


If you are still unclear on what a Social Enterprise actually is - read all about them in this guide - What is Social Enterprise

And for more information about Social Enterprise read Iain Cunningham's blog here


Scottish Government Update

Eleven local authorities – including Renfrewshire - are to move into the highest protection level as efforts continue to suppress the incidence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the weeks up to Christmas.
The changes to protection levels will come into effect at 6pm this Friday (20 November) and will remain in place for three weeks until Friday 11 December.

Level 4 COVID 19 Update information

Support for Individuals

NHS COVID-19: Level four announcement

New clinical trial launched for early treatment of COVID-19 by NHS GG&C and University of Glasgow at RAH

New Fit For Work Group starting 08 December

Learner Enrolment Form 


Support for Organisations

Vodafone - Free data for 250,000 school childrenHeadteachers and education trusts across the UK have highlighted home connectivity as a major concern for school children that have fallen behind in their studies due to COVID-19 restrictions, particularly in deprived areas. These free SIMs will help those school children most in need to access school work from home, catch up on lost learning during school holidays and continue with their education if they are required to isolate



Asda Foundation - Feeding Communities Grant - Early December Deadline - Grants of up to £1,000 can contribute to meals which cost £4.00 or less for those in need in the run up to Christmas. This includes individuals, families, and meals at children's healthy holiday clubs


Funder of the Week

Earlier this week we selected The Weir Foundation as our Funder of the Week. Today and tomorrow we will set out a possible response to one of the questions on their application form.
In their guidance notes for question 4, Weir Foundation states “How will you know you are making a difference do you have targets for the number of people you want to reach; services you will provide; or other outcomes? If so, share them with us.” Outcomes are:-  
“So outcomes are the changes or differences that you hope to make through the work that you do and often we’re quite good at describing the activities that we deliver or the services that we deliver but find it a bit more challenging to explain the differences that we hope to make by delivering those activities. So that’s what outcomes are all about – explaining the difference or change that you hope to make through you work!” (Evaluation Support Scotland.)
For much more information, resources and videos on outcomes and how to write them out then please go to Evaluation Support Scotland


Online events

Scotland Reducing Harm - Reducing Gambling Harm event  This event will be an opportunity to hear what key themes are coming out in our conversations to date about reducing gambling harm - 23 November

Outside the Box are running a free event Supporting Women’s Rights and Wellbeing in the workplace for everyone interested in how to support equalities practice in the workplace - 25 November



Understanding barriers to entry for BAME fundraisers - Survey open specifically to fundraisers who identify as black, Asian or minority ethnic

The research has been commissioned as part of the Chartered Institute’s Change Collective work and is being delivered by Voice4Change working with University of East London. The findings will be published in a research report in early 2021.

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