Engage COVID 19 Update - 10 September
Engage COVID 19 Update - 10 September

Engage COVID 19 Update - 10 September


Creative Writing Opportunity - ‘Paisley Radicals’

In this year of the 200th anniversary of the Radical Rising 1820, a relatively untold period of strikes and unrest, we commemorate Paisley’s radical past and explore what it means to be a modern-day radical with an exciting new creative project ‘Paisley Radicals – Catalysts for Change’.

We invite you to watch this creative writing workshop from Civil Disobedience, which asks participants to address their own radical behaviours from the past or contemplate their ambitions for the future, and create your own short story, monologue, poem, essay or rap… it’s entirely up to you. All we’re asking is that you send the finished result to barry@wearecivildisobedience.com by October 2nd.


The workshop features interviews from New York writer Peter Michael Marino, Civil Disobedience producer Martin MacLennan and researcher Duncan MacIntosh from the University of the Third Age, participants are asked to develop a creative response to the brief: What Is Your Radical Behaviour?

Civil Disobedience are creatively leading the Paisley Radicals – Catalysts for Change project, supported by the Paisley TH.CARS2 programme, Renfrewshire Council events team and Renfrewshire Leisure in partnership with University of West of Scotland, Star Project and University of the Third Age (Paisley & Glasgow West divisions).


Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust - Grants for registered equine charities or charities/hospices supporting older people 

BBC Children in Need - Funding for the purchase of essential items to meet the needs of children in the UK who living in severe poverty, suffering deprivation as a result and who are facing additional social issue.

The Linnean Society of London - Grants are available for schools and community groups in the UK to increase youth engagement with nature.

Essentia Foundation - Grants are available to small charities and community groups for projects aiming to improve the health and social welfare of children and young people and those providing opportunities for training, enhanced learning and upskilling


contactSCOTLAND-BSL – Live Webinars - Various dates 


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