Advice for Moving towards Net Zero
Advice for Moving towards Net Zero

Energy Support for Homes:

Home Energy Scotland: free, impartial advice and support on reducing bills, going green and saving money, home energy checks, warmer homes and also signpost residents to available funding support and additional benefits or payments they may be entitled to

Net Zero Nation – Home Energy: Background information on energy, as well as guidance on energy efficiency, funding support and links to community energy opportunities


Energy Support for Businesses, Third Sector and Community Groups:

Zero Waste Scotland's Energy Efficiency Business Support Service: free, impartial support and access to funding.  On average a 24% saving in energy per organisation.  They offer one to one support, free energy audits and toolkits and resources to help.  Opportunities for unsecured, interest-free loans and cashback grants for SMEs.

Energy Saving Trust: also offer free, expert, impartial advice and funding support for social housing providers looking to enhance the energy efficiency of your housing stock


Sustainable Transport Support for Homes:

Net Zero Nation: has sections on electric vehicles as well as public transport and active travel.  The active travel section includes assistance with funding for a bike, cycle routes and Bikeability training.

Energy Saving Trust Scotland: offers advice and support, including e-bike loans for individuals and information on grants and loans to enable shift to electric vehicles (including used electric vehicles)  


Sustainable Transport Support for Businesses, Third Sector and Community Groups:

Energy Saving Trust Scotland: Offer interest-free e-bike business loan to businesses in Scotland and grant funding assistance with the installation of workplace charging points

Transport Scotland has support and guidance on active travel funding opportunities for public bodies and constituted community groups

For employers and social housing providers, Transport Scotland offer grant funding via the Cycling Friendly Development Fund for cycle parking, upgrading active travel route for walking, wheeling and cycling as well as funding for purchase of pool bikes and upgrading shower facilities, lockers, etc. for people wanting to active travel in to work


Waste & Recycling for Homes:

Zero Waste Scotland offer advice on what we can do at home to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle

Net Zero Nation: has guidance on reduce, reuse and recycle actions we can all take

Net Zero Nation also has guidance on reducing food waste and composting at home, as well as healthy and sustainable food


Waste & Recycling Support for Businesses and Third Sector Organisations:

Business support and advice on reducing waste to help reduce running costs can be found at Zero Waste Scotland



Social Enterprise Net Zero Transition Fund

Social Enterprise Scotland, in partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, has launched the Social Enterprise Net Zero Transition Fund, designed to support social enterprises and the wider third sector to make the transition to carbon net zero.
The purpose of the fund is to support the social sector organisations (SSO) in their journey to become carbon neutral, and to develop the circular economy. They are particularly interested in supporting activities that will reduce carbon footprint.
The fund provides loans from £10,000. SSO’s who have a particular circular economy focus or are proposing specific projects with a focus on re-use, repair and leasing/sharing models, may also be eligible for a small grant award.
Examples of eligible activities are below. Please note this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Developing or moving to renewable energy sources
  • Transitioning to sustainable transport options
  • Scaling local food production and supply
  • Minimising or re-purposing food waste
  • Developing circular economy products, services, processes and practices.

To apply, complete an Expression of Interest form and return via email to hello@socialinvestmentscotland.com

For more information go to:- Social Enterprise Net Zero Transition Fund | Social Investment Scotland |

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