Just Enterprise - Social Media Foundations
Just Enterprise - Social Media Foundations

Just Enterprise - Social Media Foundations


  10.30am -

This webinar is designed for those looking to see how they can use social media to further their business. It offers an insight into how to get started using social media as a business tool and provides useful starting point for social entrepreneurs.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why consider social media, the benefits of social media
  • How to tell your brand story (through social media)
  • Ethical considerations for marketing through social media
  • How to discover who your key audience is
  • How to create engaging content for your audience.

Duration: Up to 60 mins

For you if:

You are at the early stages of setting up a social enterprise and have limited knowledge of using social media for business

NOT for you if:

You are an existing social enterprise with an established social media presence


Tuesday 19th January @ 10.30am


Friday 26th February @ 11.00am


Tuesday 30th March @ 2.00pm


This course is fully funded and there is no charge to participants

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