Trustees' Week 2020 - Training and Resources
Trustees' Week 2020  - Training and Resources

Trustees' Week 2020 - Training and Resources

03/11/2020 (Volunteer Post )

Yesterday we talked about who can become a Trustee, so if you decide to become a trustee, or if you’re in need of changing up your trustee board, what to do next?

We’ve rounded up some useful guides, videos and training offers to get you started but remember the CAVA team at Engage Renfrewshire are also here to give individual guidance and further signposting. Get in touch today if you’re looking for more information, our contact details are here


First up from OSCR, a clear introduction that explores more of the Trustee Duties. Have a look through their YouTube channel for other guidance, testimonies and experiences:

SCVO recently held a great webinar on good governance. It also looked at board diversity and its associated benefits for organisations. A longer video but certainly one to watch:

Getting On Board have released a new practical guide for this year’s Trustees Week. A great step by step guide that includes elements like preparing for an interview and inductions. Do note however that this is created alongside English and Welsh governance guidance, so always refer to OSCR when it comes to what your obligation and duties are in Scotland. Click the image to be taken to the guide:




OSCR’s guidance can be found at the link below. This is a comprehensive pack for new trustees and trustees wanting to do a health check on their current board and governance:


A more concise version of a governance check-up is available from SCVO. This document will guide you through conducting a review of your current structures and policies and sets out next steps if you find any aspects wanting. Another great resource to work through and keep bookmarked for the future:



In Renfrewshire we also have committee skills training offered by FLAIR ACADEMY, this is aimed at those interested in housing issues in particular but will give you a great insight in to board duties. Keep reading to find out more:

FLAIR ( The Federation of Local Associations in East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire) consists  of Barrhead, Bridgewater, Ferguslie Park, Linstone, Paisley and Williamsburgh HA’s. Collectively we agreed to run a Committee induction programme to encourage new members onto our Committees, Sub Committees and Subsidiaries. The induction programme is a series of training sessions which provide an insight into the main areas within housing: Governance, Finance, Housing, Technical, Wider Role, Factoring and Development.  We felt that by having training sessions at the start, new members would be more aware of, and familiar with, what would be discussed at Committee meetings.

We advertise in each of the local areas and each HA put details onto their websites and social media. Anyone interested completes a registration form, has one point of contact and is “buddied” to the HA they are best suited to.

The training sessions are held locally every week and participants attend as observers to Committee meetings so they know what is expected of them if they chose to join the Committee. The trainers are staff members from each of the Association so the cost of running the Academy is minimal and shared.

After the induction programme ends each of the attendees make the decision whether to join the Committee or not. 

FLAIR have been running these induction courses for the last couple of years, but have had to suspend these during 2020 due to the Corona Virus pandemic. We hope to start them back up in 2021.


Find out more about what FLAIR are involved in here 

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