Social Enterprise Week - Thorn Athletic
Social Enterprise Week - Thorn Athletic
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Social Enterprise Week - Thorn Athletic

19/11/2021 (Staff Post - Iain Cunningham )

We close off this week's spotlights of Social Enterprises with Thorn Athletic. Keep reading to see how they have tackled social enterprise start up and, as is to be expected, champion the benefits of having a solid team around you to support your goals.

"We started off as a community football club but quickly realised that running our own sports facility could have big advantages to the organisation and the wider community. By providing an affordable and sustainable base for our own teams and other clubs and organisations to use it has expanded our role and also our reach beyond just the football opportunities. It’s also helped us to improve and enhance the facility by reinvesting our income in other areas.

A lot of unseen background work must take place first and often it doesn’t feel like you are making real progress until there are visible results and achievements. Many doors will close before finally some will open. There’s significant red tape which can lead to a huge sense of frustration but you need to keep going! People will come and go along the journey but you can’t lose focus.

Solid foundations and infrastructure are absolutely key. It makes life easier further down the line. Surround yourself with good people and don’t try to do it all yourself as it’s impossible. Learn from others and when it feels like you are not getting anywhere, take a step back and look at where you started from!

Realising just how important what you are doing is to both yourself and others. Welcoming teams from the St Mirren Academy to our own Academy facility and helping to stage large scale national athletics events and have been among the highlights. Working with such a broad spectrum of groups to help them and us achieve our shared aims.

We want to expand the range of services we deliver ourselves at the facility so we have more to offer the community and to diversify further away from just the football activities. We also have plans to develop and improve our outdoor sports pitch so it can become a focal point for events in the area and help effect real social change across the community."

To find out more about Thorn Athletic contact; enquiries@thornathletic.com

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