Social Enterprise Week 2022 | Spotlight on AARC Services
Social Enterprise Week 2022 | Spotlight on AARC Services

Social Enterprise Week 2022 | Spotlight on AARC Services

17/11/2022 (Staff Post - Iain Cunningham )

As part of Social Enterprise week 2022, Renfrewshire Social Enterprise network (RenSEN) will be promoting our new Dashboard demographic and highlighting the work of local social enterprise organisations. SE’s contribute significantly to our local economy with £123m during 2021-22 financial year.

For more info contact info@engagerenfrewshire.com


AARC Services

AARC Services Ltd want to provide Counselling, training and supervision to all sectors that require our resources as we see a real need for our expert knowledge. All of our personnel have many years experience in these provisions. We take the attitude that these provisions should be on a need not an affordable

One of the largest challenges is the basic work of setting up an organisation re - Bank account, Setting up the company via companies house (legal structure - type of organisation) and Organising charitable status. If I was to provide tips for other social entrepreneurs thinking about starting up a SE, Don’t try and do it yourself Use the experts, Engage, Renfrewshire Council, Arachas3, Firstport, these were great sources of support for us.

The highlights of starting and running our SE, as the organisation is at its early steps major points will be opening a Bank account, organisation set up re - Companies house and OSCR for Charitable status. A major highlight or milestone will be the completion of 1st Training programme. And becoming fully operational.

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