ReMode – Volunteering in Renfrewshire
ReMode – Volunteering in Renfrewshire

ReMode – Volunteering in Renfrewshire

28/07/2020 (Volunteer Post )

This week we’re handing over to the team at ReMode, who are a not-for-profit community interest company that focus on sustainable fashion and developing creative answers to reduce the impact of the fashion and textile industry on the environment.

ReMode started life as the Youth Engagement Programme of charity Local Energy Action Plan and evolved to become an independent organisation in November 2017. They now have spaces in Paisley town centre and Lochwinnoch, that offer makers’ spaces and retail.

They run a programme of creative hands-on workshops designed to teach practical skills that extend the life of garments and fabrics. They also run an extensive education and events programme and of course there are the volunteer retail opportunities within the shops.

This week we’ll be hearing from volunteer Kite, read their story below and scroll down to seem some of their brilliant creations!

RM: When did you first hear about ReMode?

K: I first stumbled upon ReMode by seeing an advert for volunteers on Creative Scotland. As working with costumes is something I’m interested in, I was very eager and enthusiastic to jump at the opportunity, I thought it would be great experience in order to improve my sewing skills and knowledge, and also my CV. It certainly has been, and has also allowed me to meet and spend time with some really lovely, kind and knowledgeable people.

RM: How did you become interested in ethical fashion/the environment?

K: Recycling is something I grew up doing, so it was always second nature to me. In my teens, I became more aware of pollution, deforestation and other environmental factors, and started consciously making better choices, like walking or taking public transport over cars, and shopping mostly from charity shops. Upcycling is something I’ve only started very recently, as I didn’t have enough faith in my sewing ability to make standard clothes until now.

RM: Do you have a favourite ReMode memory?

K: I think my favourite ReMode memory would be my very first day there. I had no idea what to expect, and hadn’t really interacted with people for months, so I was fairly nervous. However, the people I met there were so kind, warm and welcoming, they didn’t bat an eyelash at what I perceived to be silly questions, and I even managed to find a scrap of fabric that was perfect for a project I’d been putting off at home. It was a bright and encouraging atmosphere, and I walked home that day with a spring in my step and more motivation than I’d had in months.

RM: Have you got any words of encouragement for someone thinking of becoming a volunteer?

K: When I considered volunteering at ReMode, I did it with the knowledge that I, being self-taught, would learn a lot from those that knew what they were doing – and I certainly did. What genuinely surprised me though, is how they valued my own input as well, and would ask me questions about what I thought the best way to approach a task would be, and would even use the approach I suggested. It’s a very inclusive atmosphere, where anyone would feel welcome and appreciated.

Our thanks to ReMode for sharing this blog post, which also appeared on their channels for Volunteers’ Week 2020.

If you want to find out more about their week then head here: https://remodeyouth.org/

They are also active on social media:




And they have a YouTube channel with tutorials as well as creative artworks and collaborative projects!

ReMode YouTube Channel

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