Partnership Working After COVID 19 - Part Two
Partnership Working After COVID 19 - Part Two

Partnership Working After COVID 19 - Part Two

23/11/2020 (Staff Post )

On the back of my most recent blog Partnership Working (you can find that here) I have put together a brief profile on two very different organisations who work with local communities regarding partnerships. They have worked with Renfrewshire communities and community groups, and recognise that the strength of communities lies in working together to identify what is best for their communities, and how to alleviate problems. 


The first is Partnership 4 Procurement (P4P). Their “core business is to work with enterprising third sector organisation to form new partnership or consortium; strengthen existing collaborations and ensure organisations build their capacity to better secure contracts or funding”. They offer a range of downloadable guidance and resources, practical advice and support from specialist advisers and regular workshops, events and training. They are involved in projects that enable third sector organisations to come together as effective partnerships to submit tenders for contracts. Within Renfrewshire they have worked with Engage to run workshops for the Social Enterprise network (RenSEN) and ad hoc sessions. Recently they worked with two large organisations on how to create a bid to transfer land that they could use for future projects and programmes. They have also agreed to run some workshops on the dos and don’ts, as well as the roles and responsibilities, of partnership bids.   


The second is the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC). “SCDC is the lead body for community development in Scotland. We work to our vision of an active, inclusive and just Scotland where our communities are strong, equitable and sustainable” They want to work with “Local partnerships and agencies across Scotland who want to involve communities in their work.” They do this in a variety of ways. Some examples of the key work they carry out are Community Health Exchange, Scottish Co-production Network and Supporting Communities. To assist with these programmes they have an extensive library of resources such as Co-production; Making a Difference Together and action researching by, in and for communities.


For more information on coproduction and evidencing impact please go to:-

What Is Co-production?

Evaluation Support Scotland - Evidencing Impact

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