More Staff Insights for our Anniversary
More Staff Insights for our Anniversary

More Staff Insights for our Anniversary

08/04/2021 (Anniversary Post )

Our 10 Year Staff Recollections continue this week but before we hear from Amy and Alice we would like to thank everyone who sent kind messages for our birthday and the launch of our 10th anniversary campaign last week, there is more to come throughout the year so feel free to keep sharing your messages and memories as well, we love to read them!

- - -

This week’s recollection come from members of the CAVA team (Community and Voluntary Action) and our Finance team, and it’s interesting to see the similarities in their approach and development, despite the differences in their day-to-day work.

Amy Heywood is our Payroll Assistant and has been with Engage for 9 years, with 1 year out. Amy joined us back in 2012 as a Front of House Assistant through the Community Jobs Scotland initiative with SCVO, but after her initial 6 months we couldn’t just let her go, and she was invited to stay on as part of the finance team. Her roles have changed over the years but after achieving her SVQ Level 6 in Payroll in 2018 she became our Payroll Assistant.

Alice McBride joined us in November 2019 as the Volunteer Development Officer, and has since added the title and duties of Marketing Officer to her role. As with Amy, the Engage team recognised the skills Alice had and wanted to see her develop as much as possible.

Alice’s volunteer work involves supporting volunteer involving organisations to recruit, support and reward volunteers. She works closely with Renfrewshire’s Volunteer Managers’ Forum and is proud of the way its members have supported each other, particularly over the last year.

Taking all services online over the last year has been a challenge for both but they both made efforts to “keep positive” and the positive response from members made working from home that bit easier.

For both the best part of the work is the people. Amy’s work processing payroll for our clients on a weekly basis means she gets to keep up with their work and has built a good relationship with many of them. She explained “I have a good rapport with the payroll clients, which can make the challenging time they are going through a bit easier.”

Alice agreed saying “hearing the positive impact the work has is really the best part. A big part of both my roles is sharing stories from our groups and volunteers, and I really love hearing stories from volunteers as it just reaffirms all the positive aspects that volunteering can bring.”

Working with the rest of the Engage team is obviously also important to both. Staying connected with the rest of the team during lockdown, particularly when many people work on different areas, has been a challenge but one Alice and Amy combat by always attending the weekly hang out session on Teams. It’s an opportunity to come together informally and just catch up. Alice said “it’s been a great addition to the weekly calendar. Working on this 10 year campaign I've really come to understand that the strength of Engage has always come from our wide-reaching understanding of the sector. It could be so easy just to work in silos that only look at one element but we can bring it all together for the benefit of the members. That weekly session isn’t always shop talk though…actually we mostly end up talking about our pets, but it’s a lovely way to keep connected with the team!”

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