Jambo! Radio – Volunteering in Renfrewshire
Jambo! Radio – Volunteering in Renfrewshire

Jambo! Radio – Volunteering in Renfrewshire

10/07/2020 (Volunteer Post )

This week’s Volunteer spotlight is from a new Engage Renfrewshire member, Jambo! Radio. Below is a little about them, and read through to read about (and hear!) one of their volunteer presenters!

“Jambo! Radio is the only radio station for the Afro-Caribbean community in Glasgow and Renfrewshire. We bring the communities together with a series of engaging, dialogue and conversational-based radio shows throughout the week and plays exclusive African and Caribbean music.

Unlike mainstream broadcasters, our content and information are made available for speakers of other languages of Afro-Caribbean heritage, in the languages that they best understand. We serve as a channel for people of Afro-Caribbean heritage in Scotland to encourage participation, empowerment, economic development, equality and social justice.

We discuss issues that directly affect people in the community and provide clear updates on current events and topics Our radio station now operates remotely with volunteers in Glasgow and Renfrewshire. We broadcast in Swahili, Pidgin, Igbo, Yoruba, French and Lingala.”

Today we’re going to be hearing from Bene, also known as BB while presenting, as well as the Jambo! Radio team.

Bene is a volunteer presenter on Jambo! Radio and does her lively show from her home which about talking to people about COVID-19 and ensuring they are well informed about updates. She explains new restrictions with a positive outlook to uplift the spirit of people of Afro-Caribbean heritage during the uncertainty of COVID-19 pandemic.

The radio team couldn’t praise Bene enough, explaining “[she] is a mother of two young children of school age and yet she finds time to organise guests by telephone and Skype do a two hour show. This woman stays up till 4am to ensure she completes her two-hour show, which probably takes her more than 5 hours a day to prepare.”

Their three adjectives for Bene? “Passionate, Professional, Magnificent!!”

And they’re not the only ones who recognise Bene’s work on the station, explaining that they have “had several listeners send feedback on our Facebook page, text messages and phone calls to appreciate her lively and positive approach to difficult subjects, and instilling hope to the community.”

Bene feels like she can grow in her volunteer role, and finds the volunteer atmosphere at Jambo! Radio very supportive; she says of the team that they are very “encouraging, as well as very open to creative ideas”.

She thoroughly encourages anyone looking to volunteer to get involved, saying “Just do it! Find something you care about that you can contribute to and go for it.” She is proud to be a volunteer, adding that the most enjoyable aspects are “working with a great team and contributing my time to something worthwhile.”

She reiterated this in her 3 adjectives describing her volunteer experience; she chose “fulfilling, worthwhile, and exciting.”

Listen live to Jambo! Radio here: https://jamboradio.co.uk

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with the team about volunteering opportunities here: https://www.jamboradio.co.uk/join-our-radio-station-in-glasgow

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