Erskine Community Council - Paisley Daily Express Article
Erskine Community Council - Paisley Daily Express Article

Erskine Community Council - Paisley Daily Express Article

29/09/2021 (Engage Post )

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Neglected beauty spot will get a New-shot at being a nature haven

Community group breathes new life into reserve

A community council is on its way to transforming a once forgotten beauty spot in Erskine.

Dedicated members of Erskine Community Council have ploughed funding into the Newshot Island Nature Reserve in a bid to create a welcoming greenspace for local residents to enjoy.

Thanks to a cash boost from Renfrewshire Council’s Loca lDevelopment fund and Green space fund, the once rundown space is slowly turning into a haven for nature lovers.

New signs informing walkers about the wildlife on offer at the scenic spot on the River Clyde as well as the history of the nature reserve are now in place.

Bird boxes completed as part of Community Payback Orders(CPOs) have also been installed throughout the reserve  to encourage wildlife.

Secretary of Erskine Community Council, Jim O’Neil, is one of the members who was instrumental in bringing the plans to life.

He - alongside three other residents - set up the Friends of Newshot Island committee to transform the spot of land located on Newshot Drive.

He told the Express: “It was first created as a nature reserve about 30 years ago with help from the National Lottery Fund and it was later adopted by Renfrewshire Council.

“However, nothing was really done to it in those 30 years and over time the signs were vandalised and destroyed.

“So we established a small group to initially try to replace the damaged and defaced signage.

“No one else was doing anything and this area was going to waste.

“We just thought we should do something about it.”

The group also hopes to continue their work and make further improvements to the area with the help of Scottish Water and Renfrewshire Council.

Both Scottish Water and the council have agreed to assist members in clearing pathways to make more of the area accessible.

The group also hope to secure more funding in the future to create greenspaces and install picnic benches in the reserve.

Jim added: “We asked Scottish Water to assist us and Joyce Gray has been extremely helpful.

“Ken Gray from the council’s paths and roadway department has also promised to help us clear some of the paths in the area.

“We would like to try and get some more funding to put in picnic benches and create even more greenspaces for people to enjoy.

“We would like people to use this area. This reserve belongs to the parents, children and grandchildren of Erskine. All we ask is that people help look after it.”

However, in order to carry out their plans for the future, the group are in need of more volunteers to help make their dream a reality.

Jim added: “We need people to volunteer to join us and help.

“To do the work that we are doing and hope to continue, we need people to sign up and join the community council.”

If you would like to join Erskine Community Council, contact secretaryecc@hotmail.com

Courtesy of Paisley Daily Express

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