COP26 - Local Climate Action - LEAP
COP26 - Local Climate Action - LEAP

COP26 - Local Climate Action - LEAP

11/11/2021 (Engage Post )

Another of Renfrewshire's fantastic registered charities tackling climate change from within our communities. LEAP encourage community participation by making sustainable options more accessible and inclusive. Read one to find out about their work.


LEAP (Local Energy Action Plan) was established in 2013 to enable sustainable communities in Renfrewshire through energy conservation and efficiency, encouragement of the usage of natural resources and reduction of carbon use, pollution and waste, as well as provide education on these issues and ensure community participation.

Over the years LEAP has helped residents save energy and money and provide free impartial advice on insulation, draught proofing, heating, renewables, grants and subsidies. We have also run a successful Car Club in Renfrewshire since 2012, and introduced a series of community projects now tied together under our LEAP Together banner.

We have partnered with Linstone Housing Association to expand our busy Car Club in Linwood to three cars (two electric, one hybrid), with their tenants benefitting from discounted hire rates. The take-up has been excellent as we encourage use of more sustainable transport options.  Users are saving money on transport and the tenant subsidy means that our electric cars are accessible to many who may not have otherwise been able to access them. We are building on this success by launching a new E-Bike service in Linwood in Spring 2022, once again in partnership with Linstone.

LEAP Together has also had a very successful few months with its work in Lochwinnoch. It's projects are:

  • Community Larder: This volunteer-run operation facilitates dignified access to food within a rural community where the next nearest free food provision is 10 miles away. The Larder distributes food which would otherwise go into landfill, as well as fresh produce from three local Community Gardens.
  • Diggin' It: An initiative supporting households to grow their own vegetables from their own homes, improving wellbeing and empowering community members to supplement their own food supply, while reducing food miles and carbon emissions. We have secured funding to open a Seed Library which will be launched by November 2021. We're planning for increased community food production through partnerships with local private landowners, and will offer surplus seed supply to the National Seed Library Network.
  • Lochwinnoch Cares: A shopping delivery service which also offers befriending phonecalls to those living in isolation.
  • Community Feel Good Festival: An ongoing schedule of events and activities promoting better health and wellbeing, and community engagement.




To find out more or get involved contact 0300 7727032 or email mike@myleapproject.org

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