COP26 - Local Climate Action - Eadha Enterprises
COP26 - Local Climate Action - Eadha Enterprises

COP26 - Local Climate Action - Eadha Enterprises

02/11/2021 (Engage Post )

COP26 - How Renfrewshire's organisations are tackling climate change

As COP26 unfolds on our doorstep in Glasgow we thought we would take the opportunity to showcase local action, and highlight some of our brilliant members who are tackling climate change year round. 


First up we're hearing from Peter Livingstone of Eadha Enterprises who's work as a social enterprise now take them well beyond Renfrewshire's borders.

Eadha Enterprises is a social enterprise with charitable status based in Renfrewshire and operating across Scotland and Northern England.  “Eadha” is the old gaelic word for aspen and we research, conserve, propagate and plant rare native trees and plants with a focus on aspen for which we hold the National Clone Collection in our small specialist nursery.  We are the UK’s leading aspen conservation charity.   We also undertake habitat creation, environmental education, and rewilding and promote community woodlands.

Peter Livingstone and Joe Greenlees are the two founders and Joe remains a director whilst Peter is the CEO as well as a director.  We celebrated our 10th anniversary last year, initially receiving start-up funding from Oxfam through their UK Innovation Fund to explore how aspen could regenerate former industrial sites to create new productive community woodlands.  Aspen has the ability to tolerate very harsh conditions and can even help to remediate soil contamination.  To this day we are busy undertaking trials on former opencast mine land in East Ayrshire and planting up former landfill sites in Renfrewshire using our aspen trees.

We have also been sharing our aspen expertise by delivering workshops with community groups and environmental organisations to enable grassroots aspen conservation work to take place in diverse communities from Cumbria to Wester Ross. 

Through our supply chain we sell aspen trees to the private forestry sector, the public and environmental NGOs and have successfully generated significant interest in the use of this species in both native woodland and commercial forestry projects. 

This year, in a cermony at Dargavel Village in Renfrewshire, we planted the millionth aspen tree produced through our supply chain, a big achievement given that there were only around 80 left between Glasgow and the Solway coast!

We undertake a wide range of projects and often rely on volunteers to help on the ground both in our nursery and out at project sites, tree planting or perhaps in the wilds collecting seeds.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact Peter using the means below. 


E: peter@eadha.co.uk

T: 07968745196


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