COP26 - Local Climate Action - Darkwood Crew
COP26 - Local Climate Action - Darkwood Crew

COP26 - Local Climate Action - Darkwood Crew

08/11/2021 (Engage Post )

COP26 - How Renfrewshire's organisations are tackling climate change

As the COP26 continues so too does our focus on local groups in Renfrewshire tackling climate change. Today we highlight Darkwood Crew, who have gone from strength to strength in their short time. 


Established in October 2018 to regenerate the local village green the group have gone on to identify 5 key focus areas including food insecurity, fuel poverty, isolation & loneliness, mental health positivity and the local environment and have managed to successfully weave the climate change emergency into all aspects of their work.

Last year Darkwood Crew won Paths for All's Community Path Group of the Year in recognition of their development as a group and the impact their work has had for the local community. 

Terry McTernan of the Darkwood Crew explained how their approach to community work was inspired not only by local need but global concerns and considerations.

"The community market is entirely resourced with surplus food destined for landfill, occasional stock gaps are plugged by recycling cans & bottles collected from within the community using redemption schemes.

Our environmental maintenance program ensures our green spaces are safe and accessible for all. All of this demonstrates how the climate change emergency is relevant to local need and not some abstract concept. We firmly believe a greener more sustainable world starts with greener, more sustainable communities.

Think global, act local is our guiding principle. Our #ReduceReuseRecycleFerguslie initiative seeks to combine our pre and post covid activities building on the effective and sustainable solutions identified throughout lockdown.

The future of both community and planet is in our own hands as illustrated in our recent arts mural at the Tannahill Centre."

If you would like to get involved in any of Darkwood Crew's activities give them a follow on Facebook or contact them directly via their website https://darkwoodcrew.co.uk/ 

Watch the Darkwod Crew's award video from Paths for All here

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